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World population is growing in an unchecked way, leading to a speedy depletion of our natural resources. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, it is high time, we start to understand and use our renewable energy. Many technological developments have been made in this field. Solar energy is one of the renewable forms of energy that has now become a part of our life thanks to the awareness and research in this field. Solar Parking Lot Lights is one of the many forms of using renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy in simple words is the energy or power derived from the sun. The radiant heat and light from the sun is the main source of solar energy. This solar technology is now widely used for different purposes. Solar Parking Lot Lights, solar thermal technology used for water heating, space heating, space cooling etc., solar distillation for making saline water portable, solar cooker, solar vehicles etc. Thus, this widespread use of solar power has helped in reducing the burden over natural resources which are not renewable.

Operation and Importance of Solar Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lights are an indispensable part of any country’s infrastructure. It gives safety, security and convenience to the people. Parking lot lights are necessary to get to and from your vehicle and guide you in and out of the parking lot in the dark. Thus parking lot lights is a necessity. Before the discovery of Solar Parking Lot Lights, lots of non renewable energy was used to illuminate these parking lots.

Each Solar Parking Lot Light has got its own little solar factory. A parking lot light which is run by solar energy will usually contain an inverter to convert the solar energy into electricity, a battery for storing the power and an LED to create the light. Conventional parking lot lights are both expensive and are bound by limitations. For a conventional parking lot light ditches need to be opened, cables have to be laid and meters need to be connected. Grid power is used to power the parking lot lights. Normally, the light follows the line of the trench which is straight. This is the greatest drawback of conventional parking lot lights.

Lights can be placed exactly where you want through a Solar Parking Lot Light. It is not only low in maintenance but also very much self-regulating and hassle free.  Conventional parking lot lights would need maintenance in between which includes changing the bulb, inspection of any faulty cables etc. But a solar powered parking lot lights do not need all these kinds of maintenance. The best part is solar energy is free. So apart from the initial purchase and installation cost, it is absolutely free.

With the spread and awareness of going green concept, countries are spending money on the research and development of renewable energy. Everyone can contribute his own part in this fight to save our natural resources. Solar parking Lot Light is one such initiative, which is now widely used all over the world. Thus, saving money and our rich nonrenewable resources, both, for the future.

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