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Solar panels are an attractive option; they’re environmentally friendly, they can save you money and there are even grants available for their installation. So while we’d all love to deck our house out in these lovely plates of waste and cost repellent armour, there are a few things to consider first. Sadly, not all houses are suitable for solar panel installation.

If your house is situated in a conservation area or World Heritage Site, making any alterations to it can be a nightmare. In many cases, solar panel installation will be considered a “permitted development”, meaning you won’t need planning permission but will have to meet a few extra requirements;

1) The solar panels shouldn’t spoil the look of the house or area too much.

2) The solar panels should cause minimal intrusion to the amenity of the area, i.e. the solar panel installation shouldn’t spoil the things that make the conservation area so attractive in the first place.

3) The solar panels should be removed as soon as possible should they no longer be in service. So, if you sell the property and the new owner does not intend to continue using the solar panels, they should be removed.

4) Solar panels should not be installed above the ridgeline. Neither should they project more than 200mm from the roof.

5) Listed buildings will still require the usual consent for any work being done that changes the appearance of the building (just as if you were installing a satellite dish, for example).

Even if you house isn’t listed or in a protected area, they are still a number of regulations to which you must adhere.

Obviously, the roof of your house has to be physically able to carry the panels. If your roof is in a poor state of repair, then it may not be strong enough to carry the weight, or may not offer a sufficiently secure anchor for the panels. In these cases, even were solar panel installers to fit them, there is a chance the panels may break the roof or even fall off. The strength of your roof will need to be checked and proven before you have solar panels installed. Strengthening or repair work may be necessary.

Roofs will a northern aspect with a northern aspect are not suitable for the installation of solar panels because they do not get enough light. Neither are those which are completely in the shade. In such cases, solar panel installation would be a complete waste of time and money, as the panels would simply not receive enough sunlight to function.

One also has to consider all the standard requirements necessary of anyone having major electrical work done on their house. It’s advisable to get qualified solar panel installers in to check your house meets all of the essential requirements.

So, as long as your house meets all of these points then solar panel installers should be able to help you. The secret to green energy and lower fuel bills might be right above your head.

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