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Sunny Las Vegas is one of the best places to invest in renewable, clean solar power for your home or business; it could even be the “solar capital of the world,” according to Mayor Pro Tem Steve Ross. The local energy industry, however, isn’t too happy about this potential for a major shift to solar energy. NV Energy claims that paying solar users for net metering forces them to raise rates for non-solar customers, which has caused the Public Utilities Commission to make a decision allowing NV Energy to charge those with solar panels more and pay them less for the energy they sell back to the grid.

Over 31,000 signed petitions against this action, and now that it has passed, there has been a lawsuit, a public protest, and many frustrated citizens, because net metering and drastically lowered energy bills were how many people planned to pay for their new solar panels. While the PUC decision is a serious challenge, there is much to be hopeful for: a payment plan for solar installation proposed by Steve Ross, a new Tesla battery that would make off-grid solar possible, and a chance that this Monday, PUC may decide to allow those with existing solar panels to keep the better net metering rates. Short-term hurdles are to be expected as our country transitions to renewable energy, but making the switch is a choice you make for the long term. For Nevada solar, the future is still very bright.

Net Metering in Nevada

What is Net Metering? Net metering allows you to use energy generated by your leased or purchased solar system to offset your monthly power bill. If your solar system produces more energy in a billing period than you use, your excess energy will be pushed back onto the grid and used by other electricity customers. [...]

Nevada PUC OKs policies to help rooftop solar industry grow

CARSON CITY — The Nevada Public Utilities Commission approved an order Friday that establishes net metering policies aimed at helping the rooftop solar industry grow.

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