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Since its very creation, the Sun has had much to offer the Earth. Mankind has been able to harvest solar energy.  As the Sun shines its rays down on the planet, solar cells collect the light and it is transferred into electricity, allowing you to power almost anything.  Solar energy will burn for millennia to come and is considered one of the fastest growing fields in renewable energy sources.

What is solar energy and how does it work?  The way solar power works can be explained simply.  Solar panels, known as a photovoltaic system, convert sunlight into electricity using cells on the panels that are made of the semi-conductive material crystalline silicon.  There are multiple layers that include conductive cells, with the top and bottom layers holding positive and negative charges.  When the sun passes through these layers, the electrons become excited and pass through the cells into the circuit to produce the power of electricity.  This electricity is DC current that passes through an inverter to produce the common AC current used in your household that can be stored in batteries similar to that found on your automobile.  Solar power systems offer many benefits that include free power from the sun, silent running and it is non-polluting. Hundreds of dollars saved on your power bill and installation can cost just a few hundred dollars. 

Solar panels installation can be on your rooftop, in your side yard, or they can mimic roof shingles or glass facades.  Some panels pivot so that they follow the sun’s rays across the sky.  This last choice provides you with the most amount of sunlight to collect.  No matter which area you live in, solar energy can help produce electricity for your home or office.  Energy is stored so that even on cloudy or hazy days you can benefit from solar energy.  Some areas can allow you to install a solar system that produces so much power that you could even go off-grid while selling back an overabundance of energy to the power company. Local governments offer incentive plans for going green. 

What is solar energy?  It is the universal gift to our planet that will help allow us to dismiss our dependence on fossil fuels.  It is the universal gift that allows life to thrive and continue until the Sun itself burns out. Much can be done for your home, office and planet if you go this route and produce power from our guardian angel, the Sun.

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