Rooftop Solar Shines Light On Bad Business Practices

Rooftop Solar Shines Light On Bad Business Practices

Consumers, State Attorney Generals and members of Congress have raised concerns that rooftop solar leasing companies are using deceptive marketing practices that overstate cost savings in order to get homeowners to buy their products.

Despite Google’s recent rejection of solar and wind as the saviors of the planet, solar rooftop arrays remain a great option for the consumer, especially in many areas that have both federal and state rebates and tax credits (Washington). Since 2010 solar rooftop installations have increased six-fold in the United States, from 2,000 MW to over 13,000 MW as a result of about 500,000 individual systems. During this same time, costs have been cut in half. And recoup periods are as short as several years.

Photovoltaic solar arrays distributed across rooftops and other structures are the best way to utilize this technology and will become ever more important in our energy future. The present regulatory, policy and financial environments have offset the large up-front costs of solar and should be exploited by consumers to get these systems installed as widely as possible across the nation.

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