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Pros and Cons of solar energy are numerous. But it is readily apparent that the positives far outweigh the negatives for using solar power in your home. In this article I set out the main pros and cons of solar energy.

Solar energy is abundantly available and we have been using it for centuries. It in used in so many different ways and for so many different purposes.


•    The first and obvious thing is that solar energy is free of cost once the initial installation investment is taken care of.
•    Solar energy will be available to use as long as the sun is shining. There is no danger of depleting resources by using solar energy.
•    There are no harmful emissions or residues that are associated with the use of coal and other fossil fuels. Solar energy systems do not produce any kind of noise.
•    It is very cheap to maintain a solar energy unit.
•    Solar energy systems can work by themselves; a connection with the grid can be kept but it’s not a requirement. This makes these systems very useful in remote areas and any surplus energy can be sold into the grid.
•    The power that these systems generate can be predicted with the help of appropriate data so that your requirements are met.
•    You can get help from the government when you buy a solar unit and you also get tax breaks for using such a system.


•    The cost of buying a solar energy system is high. New developments in the field of solar technology has helped a lot in bringing down costs, but you still have to make a large initial investment, unless you decide to make your own solar panels at a fraction of the cost.
•    Your location plays a part in the amount of energy you will be able to generate with your system.
•    If you want to power your appliances or lighting when the sun is not shining, then you will have to use batteries with your solar energy system to store the energy. But the advantage of this is that you can sell your excess energy back to the local power provider.

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