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Hello and welcome to the build Your Own Solar Panel website. Our site is dedicated to homemade solar panels and how you can use solar power to save money on electricity and more importantly – What it means to use Green Energy.

When people ask about the cost of Solar panels, I usually hope or assume, that people are interested in homemade solar panels. Unless you have ATLEAST $10,000 – buying your own Solar panel system is going to VERY expensive.

The reason that I hope people are interested in creating there own, is because we NEED to consider alternative energy. We need it and spending $1,000’s of dollars is just not possible for alot of us.

But I know that , just like me, there are many different people that really want to be apart of helping our planet by using green energy. And when I see people decide to forget about it because the pricing is so high, it takes a bit out of me. I mean, I have been apart of this cause for quite awhile, and its my hope that we will ALL be using some sort of green energy before 2020.

Even if we have to help each other, or even if alot of us can only use small methods of green energy , like a small solar panel or a 5 foot wind turbine. It doesnt matter – as long as we get started. So here is a quick over view of the best way to get your own homemade solar panels.

Cost Of Professional Solar Panels and Installation

What I would like to talk about is the Do It Yourself Solar Panel kits – How much the Plans cost, and how much the actual materials will cost. If you are interestred in how much premade solar panels cost, you can find that out here:

Solar Panels For Your Home

But i can tell you that the actual panbels them selves are around $500-$1,100 -and thats for standard panels that might create enough energy to power up your bathroom. And then there is the installation that WILL COST YOU $10,000.

And the payback (How long it will take to create enough electricity to break even) will take around 20-25 Years!

But if you can, I say go for it. I mean, the Solar panels will work great! And you can never under estimate professional installation of any kind. But dont forget your government Rebate. It wont exactly cover the huge majority of your total cost -but you deserve it – and its great for keeping track of exactly how many of us are using alternative energy methods.

Homemade Solar Panels -Plans and Materials

When deciding to build your own homemade solar panels, usually the first thing we need to do is get the proper plans.

Which can be hard to do, if you arenbt sure where to start or if you dont know anyone that has previously built homemade solar panels. But, most of us use the Earth 4 Energy Solar Panel Plans:

1. They dont cost a ton ($49) 2. Created by an Energy Specialist – Michael Harvey 3. They come with videos that ensure you are never lost 4. Learn how to build a Wind Powered Generator as well – TWO FOR ONE TIME! 5. You will automatically recieve the IRS Rebate Forms so that you dont have worry about getting the right ones – Not to mention that using these forms will practically make buildign your own Solar panels Free.

Even better than these, is the fact that many of me and my fellow Green energy users have used them over and over again- and they work great. Hey, if you know some else that wants to build solar panels, just split the cost and buy 1 set of the Do It yourself Solar plans. Why Not, right?

This DIY guide will hold your hand through the process of building your own 60 – 120 watt solar panel, all for under $200. In fact, you could do it for as little as $27 if you took the time to join broken cells together (which isn’t hard).

Another thing to think about is that after you install the solar panels on your home the value of your home will increase by thousands.

In this section you will learn how to build the panel casing and wire all of the cells together. You will get: • Detailed plans complete with color diagrams and pictures. • Easy to follow instructions that will answer all your questions. • Build a solar panel for as little as $98. We will even explain how you can build it for less!

Solar Panel installation And Mounting

This guide will show you how to fix the solar panels to your roof just like the professionals do. This fully illustrated guide is a must have for a complete and secure install. • Electrical Wiring Plans

To safely wiring up your solar panels you are going to need to know a few things first, that’s why this guide is so important. • The Solar Calculator

We have even developed a solar calculator for you to use. This will show you how many panels you will need to power your home and what size battery bank you will need if you want to go completely off-grid.

Just key in some details and press calculate! • Energy Consumer Guide

This guide is going to help you calculate just how much money solar energy can save your household. • Solar Tax Credits And Rebates

Don’t spend hours searching government web sites, we have all the forms ready for you to fill out!

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