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It is no surprise sunny California leads the nation in renewable energy initiatives. The Golden State’s perpetual wealth of sunlight generates electricity for more than 60% of all solar power systems within the United States.  Thousands of homeowners responded to the California’s Energy Commission’s generous financial incentives for residential solar installations.  Many hired companies to set up the equipment, but a new wave of trendsetters now endorse DIY installation kits. Their websites, blogs and forums provide detailed step-by-step instructions for ambitious homeowners.  In an effort to cut down on expenses, experts recommend forklift batteries as a means to store the electricity produced by the solar panels.  With a growing interest and motivation to implement renewable energy, could forklift los angeles dealers and battery distributors create and capitalize on a new niche market?     

Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems

Composed of solar panels, inverters and batteries, the most popular residential solar installation is called the Photovoltaic (PV) Power System.  Solar panels absorb sunlight, producing direct current (DC) power. The inverters then convert the DC power into alternative current (AC) power. AC power is the type of energy utility companies provide to power household appliances and light systems.  After the energy has been generated, batteries are used to store and redistribute it when the panels cannot absorb sunlight (e.g. during an outage or nighttime). 

Used Forklift Batteries

Batteries are one of the most vital components for the PV power system.  They require industrial deep cycle batteries that are designed for high drain applications. Unlike automotive (starter) batteries that send short, high-current surges to crank the engine and recharge, deep cycle batteries are design to drain up to 80% of their charge before recharging. DIY experts recommend forklift batteries because they are deep cycle and have a high life expectancy rate between three and five years.

A New Niche Market

According to a solar market research group, SolarBuzz, “In 2009, the photovoltaic solar industry generated $38.5 billion in revenues globally, which includes the installation of solar systems.”  The firm expects to the PV market to grow from $46.3 billion to $96.8 billion in 2014.”

While it may seem like a stretch, forklift dealerships and battery distributors can take advantage of the world’s fast growing energy sector by creating a spot for themselves the niche market of solar panel batteries.  Since the United States is ranked #5 in the world for solar installations, the market on a nationwide level proves to be a promising one.

Between manufacturers, suppliers and trade-ins, forklift batteries pass through the inside of a dealership before being resold or redistributed anywhere else. Dealerships and service technicians serve as experts for locating and reconditioning batteries, easily allowing them to make a direct sale to DIY homeowners.  Since consumers do not typically buy an automotive battery from a car dealership, it is not common sense to them to find a forklift battery at a forklift dealership.   Forklift battery sales are already a nice commodity for business, so why not market the product to a new target audience?

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